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There is a huge gap between academic research work and public perception of science. It is the public who fund the science and research through various government, non government and private organisation.

Thus we observe there ishuge gap between the general audience and scientific advancementOur Start-up is trying to solve this problem,by creating a common platform for scientific community,non specialists and general public, funding agencies to share the new scientific advancement insciences and theirimpact on the society.

This new venture, open to democratic input and public participation, would involve no additional expenditure, but would have a big effect on people's involvement in science and innovation. It would makescience more attractive to young people, stimulate public interest in scientific thinking,and help break down the depressing alienation many people feel from science.

At PepperScience,we believe when data is openly available, the pace of scientific discWhen you make your data openlyavailable, it increases confidence in your conclusions, andcan potentially lead to more citations.All this means funding agenciesand publishers are increasinglyasking for data to be shared.


PepperScience is committed to high-quality and alternative research platform involvingpublic directly withscientific projects which can change the path of society in many different ways. Through this transparent platform,public can influence scientists to respond to the interests and needs of society


Public Participation We believe,a world where people are more closely connected to science and scientists is a better world. Having better scientific understanding leads to people having better lives and to societies making better large-scaledecisions

Breakthroughs cannot be legislated.Hence,an essential principle for encouraging breakthrough scienceavoids any kind of top-down management of scientific directions.Thus we can encourage out of box thinking, cross-disciplinary research going beyond narrow walls of strictly disciplinaryscience.

Meaningful Research PepperScienceresponds to the needs and interests of the societies in which it takes place. A topic that meets a societal need or promises to garner the attention of society is often more likely to be picked up as a research topic than an obscure question with little prospect for a larger impact.

Open Science PepperScienceaims to make scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional.It voluntarily encourages scientist to participate in open access publication.

Services offered PepperScience

Complete Cycle PepperScienceaims to develop a complete publishing cycle platform for the scientists, wherein he can not only publish research articles, conference papers but also research notes, negative data, posters, books, thesis, cover art...etc.,and can get online feedbackfrom your sherscolleagues, fellow scientists and public.

SaaS tool for Universities/Funding Agencies/Publisher PepperScienceis building new tools for universities wherein they can visualise how efficiently there research strategy is working andhow much of the research is penetrating into the society and can tremendously improve their (University/Publisher/Funding Agencies)positive image in the society

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